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Shivaraj Kumar To Act In Srikanta

oneindia | Posted on 2014-09-3 05:18 PM

Hatrick Hero Shivaraj Kumar will be acting in a movie titled as Srikanta. The movie will be launched in mid of 2015. The movie will be directed by Manju Swaraj and produced by Mahadevu and his son Manu Gowda. Shivaraj Kumar will be playing the title role in the movie.This will be 110th movie for the star. The director claims that the script is very different from what people have seen so far. The director has made quite a name for himself with movies like Shishira and Shravani Subramanya. The director is known for trying different and unique ideas in his movies.The producers Mahadevu and his son Manu have previously produced movies like Shishira and Chingari. Although their first movie with Manju Swaraj, Shishira failed to make an impact at the box office, the producers haven't lost faith in the director.The producers are banking on the innovative thinking of the director and the huge popularity of Shivaraj Kumar for Srikanta's success. They also have plans to work with Hatrick Hero's younger brother, Powerstar Puneet Rajkumar soon. However, they have to wait till they get the Puneet's call sheet to make a new movie.

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