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Jumpsuits are fashion staple, say designers

MSN | Posted on 2014-02-7 10:45 AM

Whether you are going to a party, formal dinner or planning an outing with friends, the attire is perfect for all occasions."The jumpsuit was a great statement in the 1960s and 1980s, and has popped up on the catwalk from time to time. However, of late, the jumpsuit has become a must have for all seasons and occasions," designer Sounia Gohil said in a statement.Jumpsuits are available in one colour, floral prints and stripes in different sizes with various styles like halter neck, offshoulder and strapless.Pria Kataaria Puri describes the jumpsuit as a "fashion staple"."Today, they have become a fashion statement for both casual and formal wear. Keep it long and flowy for a formal event and wear them above the knees or calf length for a casual affair. There are several styles to choose from to flatter various types of figures," she added.And from the designer outlets to flea markets, it is easily available and affordable too. The outfit is so popular because it can be used as formal as well as casual wear."Jumpsuits are a great way to welcome the spring season. Floral prints and white lace is in fashion. Jumpsuits are very fashionable and comfortable too. The only discomfort is when you have to go to the loo. However jumpsuits are versatile. They suit both formal and casual occasions," said Junelia Aguiar Chandler.

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