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Saraswatichandra: December 23rd Episode Written Update

oneindia | Posted on 2013-12-24 11:12 AM

Saraswatichandra December 23rd Episode Written Update: Kumud questions Dadaji and Saras why they lied about Dadaji's health. Dadaji tells her that he knows that Kusum does not accept Danny as her husband and Saras had faked his heart attack so that the whole family would come here. Kumud is angry with Saras. Saras tries to make Kumud understand that he lied but it is for a reason.Yash's mother tells everyone in the house why the havan was not conducted for Kalika and Yash. Guniyal assures that the Pooja will be conducted for them but Yash's mother angrily refuses and leaves.Yash tries to appease his mother. Kalika comes and embraces his mother. Vidyachatur asks Kumud what the doctor said. Saras tells them that Dadaji is fine and needs rest. Dadaji adds that the doctor told a change in air will be good for him. Dadaji also decides to go with the family to Ratnagiri.Kusum is packing her clothes and Danny gifts her a yellow sari. Just then Kalika comes and poisons Kusum's ears. Kusum doesn't want everyone to think that she is interested in Danny and thinks of talking to Kumud. Dadaji tells Kumud and Saras that they are doing a good job of bringing both Danny and Kusum together. Kumud says she won't lie further to Kusum.Kusum sees Kumud leaving the room but overhears Saras and Dadaji's conversation. Saras shows him his mother's mangalsutra which he has kept for Kumud. Dadaji tells him to put it on Kumud soon. Kusum is in tears.Kusum comes back to her room and throws the yellow saree Danny gifted on the floor. Kalika comes and sees Saras' kamarbandh in her cupboard. Kalika tells her that everyone thinks that you have worn the bangles because you have accepted Danny and by accepting the saree, Danny's hopes have increased too.

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