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Saraswatichandra: December 20th Episode Written Update

oneindia | Posted on 2013-12-21 11:41 AM

Saraswatichandra December 20th Episode Written Update: Kumud tells Saras that it is difficult to forgive him this time. Saras assures Kumud. Kusum watches all this and cries in her room. Saras tries to help Kumud carry a heavy bucket but she refuses and as they tug, the water spills out. Saras, Kumud and Ddaji have a fun chat. In midst, Kumud and Saras fight and Kumud leaves the room.Kusum is sitting near the candles when Danny comes inside. Danny thanks her for wearing the bangles. She smiles, seeing the bangles. Danny goes to sleep and Kusum gives him a blanket as it is cold. Danny goes to close the door and Kusum goes to sleep, thinking of Saras.The next morning, Dadaji suggests to Saras that Kusum and Danny be sent for a honeymoon. Saras says that since they can't stand each other, they wouldn't relent. Dadaji lies on the bed; a worried Kusum comes. They take him to the doctor. Everyone is having food. Kalika arrives and Yash asks for his mother. She says she is resting as her leg is paining. Badimaa tells Kalika to give her breakfast in her room and calls Danny and Kusum for breakfast.Kalika comes to Yash's mom's room and complains that no one thought of keeping a havan for Yash and her as a couple. Dadaji is being checked at the hospital. The doctor says that she will give two injections a day to solve his health problem. Saras tries to stop the doctor but the doctor tells Kumud and Saras to hold him.Kusum is eating happily and Chandrika tells Danny to eat spicy green chillies. But Kusum tells her that he is not used to it. Yash's mother arrives and tells everyone to stop praising the daughters of the house. She questions as to why her son and daughter-in-law are not given importance. Badimaa tells that they thought she didn't accept Kalika.Dadaji is trying to avert the injection and Saras is assuring Kumud that nothing is wrong with Dadaji. Kumud is angry as Dadaji tells he was acting and lied to her.

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