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Saraswatichandra: December 18th Episode Written Update

oneindia | Posted on 2013-12-19 10:07 AM

Saraswatichandra December 18th Episode Written Update: Dadaji calls for Jamuna. Jamuna enters and complains of Dadaji moving around unnecessarily. Kalika takes aarti of Kusum and Danny. Dadaji asks for Gulab pak made by Kalika.Kusum and Danny are given a separate room to stay to which they both feel uncomfortable. Kumud sneaks into Dadaji's room and he asks for sour tamarind from Kumud. Kumud doesn't want to give it as he is not well. Kumud suggests taking Danny and Kumud for Maata Darshan. Saras asks Dadaji about Kumud's dominating nature from childhood.On reaching their room, Kusum asks Danny why he didn't refuse to stay in one room with her. They get into an argument. Kusum tries to get out of the room but Bua stops her. Kusum trips over the suitcase and Danny helps her. She tells him not touch her come what may.Guniyal and Vidyachatur enter Dadaji's room to serve him fruits. Dadaji tries to hide the tamarind but Vidyachatur finds it out and stops him from eating. Kumud and fight for the same room. In midst, they share a romantic moment.In the kitchen, Kalika taunts Kumud as usual. Saras hands over Danny his mother's bangles and tell him to give it to Kusum. Kumud sees this. Saras tells her he had brought these bangles for her but Danny and Kusum need it more. He shows her his mother's mangalsutra and tells her he will put it on her one day.Dadaji goes to get Kusum and Danny to go for the Darshan. Danny gives her the bangles to wear but she refuses and throws it on the floor. It reaches Dadaji's feet. Shocked, Dadaji trembles and he is taken to his room. Kusum locks herself in the room and cries. Danny apologises to Kumud.

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